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FAQ: Free Photos

Can you provide free photos for me or my organization?

This is the most frequently asked question! Unfortunately, we cannot provide free photos to anyone. We are truly sorry, but legally-binding usage and representation contracts with agents, agencies and clients specifically prohibit free distribution of our photographs.

We are a worthy cause and believe you would support us. How about it?

Your cause may be very worthwhile, and our desire to help quite sincere, but copyright control issues and our contractual obligations to agents, agencies and paying clients are blind to this situation. Therefore, we cannot grant free usage based on organizational status.

I can't afford professional photography. Can you give me a break?

While quality images often determine the success of visual project, they are generally inexpensive in relation to other major components. Despite the importance, budgeting for quality imagery is often overlooked or ignored, or the cost of imagery is based on the lowest prices found on the Internet.

Unfortunately, we see this all too frequently. We simply cannot stay in business by competing with the cheapest price, so we hope you have considered the importance of using quality imagery in your project and budgeted appropriately.

If you have developed a reasonable photography budget, let us know, and we will attempt to arrange a fair pricing compromise. However, we can do nothing if your budget is unreasonably low or non-existent.

Permission is easy! Why not provide a simple "okay" to my email request?

Requests for free usage of our photos typically come as email messages containing very ambiguous and broad usage descriptions, and the requestor generally assumes that a simple "okay" response is all that's required from us. Unfortunately, beyond offering our Evaluation Usage License at no charge, we cannot respond to an ambiguous email request with a simple "okay" and expect to maintain full copyright control of our images. Therefore, we must take the time to write a specific and legally-binding license.

Why is maintaining copyright control so important?

Our livelihood depends on selling fresh and unique images to creative professionals. Simply-put, free and unauthorized usage devalues our images. With such usage, we are unable to offer images to paying clients on an exclusive or first-rights basis. Many clients also hesitate to pay industry rates or use photos for a major project when they are widely used elsewhere, especially when usage was provided for free or at a fraction of market value.

When is it okay to use a photo without written permission?

Never! You may download and use our photos according to the specific written permissions contained in the terms and conditions under "Permitted Usage" and our Evaluation Usage License, but specific written permission and payment are required for any other use.

Am I at risk when using a photo without your written permission?

Yes! We digitally track photo usage and suggest that you avoid even what you might consider a small copyright infringement, because the consequences of a seemingly small copyright infringement can be very expensive. Infringement may result in penalties to $150,000 per image, plus payment of both legal and usage fees.

FAQ: Website

What steps do you take to protect my privacy?

We appreciate your business and fully respect your right to privacy. We are committed to protecting your personal privacy and maintain strict security procedures for the storage and use of your personal information. Our privacy policy strictly forbids the sharing, selling or renting of your personal information, which is used only as necessary to process your requests and for related communications between you and us.

Is it safe to use my credit card on this site?

Yes. Using your credit card on this site is safer than making credit card order by telephone or mail. Our shopping cart will connect to a secure server during step three of the order process, which is when you are asked to enter your credit card number. As with any site, be sure that you are connected to a secure server before entering your credit card number. When connected to a secure server, a padlock icon will be displayed in your browser's status bar, and the URL in your browser's address bar will begin with "https".

Which browsers are compatible with this site?

All major browsers are compatible with this site, but we recommend using Firefox. With all browsers, JavaScript must be enabled, and "first-party cookies" should be enabled to effectively use this web site.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are cached by your browser and are commonly used by major sites on the Internet. This web site uses cookies to manage items or images that you place into your shopping cart, and our photo lightbox feature may not function properly if you have disabled cookies. Our cookies are in no way linked to personally identifiable information, and we do not use cookies to examine your Internet activities.

Will accelerator technology affect my viewing experience?

Yes. Browsers or modem connections using accelerator technology often compress graphics to a point where visual quality is poor. We recommend disabling graphics compression if you are using accelerator technology, and if you are using AOL, we recommend using the non-AOL version of Internet Explorer to view this site.

What if I encounter problems when viewing this site?

JavaScript or cookies may be disabled on your browser if features such as our photo lightbox or menus are inoperable. Your system might also be behind a corporate firewall, which can make accessing secure servers difficult. Please contact us if you encounter any problems with our shopping cart or if you experience viewing issues that are not related to disabled browser functions.

Can I link to your web site from mine?

Yes! We believe this type of natural linking is good for the Internet, and we both encourage and appreciate a link from your site. Although we may consider a mutual exchange from a good and relevant web site, we generally avoid participating in link exchanges that are solely for the purpose of artificially inflating the popularity of this web site or yours.

Can I download and use material from this site as I please?

No. Please see the terms and conditions associated with using this site.

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