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Western Riders VA - May 4, 2013

This gallery includes bulk-processed proofs from the May 2013 Western Riders rodeo event. I have attempted to include multiple images of all riders, resulting in over 400 photos. Unless I missed something, all speed event photos are uploaded.

Roping event photos will be added depending on client interest.

Gallery includes 428 photos on 9 pages.

View Gallery: Western Riders VA - May 4, 2013

Western Riders VA - April 6, 2013

This gallery includes a handful of bulk-processed proofs from the April 2013 Western Riders rodeo event. More images will be added to this gallery depending on client interest.

Gallery includes 8 photos on 1 page.

View Gallery: Western Riders VA - April 6, 2013

Cantrell Horses - Quick Picks

I grew up riding horses and ponies with Jeff Cantrell on my grandpaerents' farm. Although I ride very little these days, Jeff has motivated me to photograph horses and people enjoying horses.

This gallery includes "quick pick" proofs of the Cantrell family, friends and horses.

Gallery includes 39 photos on 1 page.

View Gallery: Cantrell Horses - Quick Picks

Chesapeake Bay Photos

This gallery includes bulk-processed Chesapeake Bay proofs per request. See our Chesapeake Bay Photos Gallery for more pictures.

Gallery includes 4 photos on 1 page.

View Gallery: Chesapeake Bay Photos

Other Proof Galleries

About Proof Galleries

Print Availability:

Most images in "Proof Galleries" are quickly processed from raw files using automated settings, so cropping and additional color corrections may be required to make a good print. Due to the amount of work involved, we do not offer our highly inexpensive "Economy Prints" unless the image is already available in our regular galleries.

If the image is available as an "Economy Print", a link to the regular gallery page will be provided on the image detail page.

Print Pricing:

You will find print pricing for each photo on the image detail page.

We've researched print pricing offered by dozens of competitors, and based on the averages, our prices are:

  1. less expensive for prints up to 12 x 18 inches (including custom prints);
  2. more expensive for prints larger than 12 x 18 inches; and
  3. about average for prints on canvas.

Digital Files:

Digital files may be purchased for stock usage, which is typically reserved for professional buyers with a budget exceeding $75. Please visit our quote request page for details.


  • 05/17/13 - Added proof galleries per request and proof images already bulk processed.
  • 05/16/13 - Added a handful of roping event photos.
  • 05/16/13 - Improved web version implemented.
  • 05/15/13 - Western Riders April gallery added.

Best Horse Photos:

People enjoying their horses make the best photos. Smile, enjoy and bond! There's no faking it! See this.


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